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We've come to bring back the bsc FOMO ! 

Not just Shitcoin but the first coin to make a comeback to the Moon.


Have you ever watched a coin do 100x and felt the pain of not being able to participate?
Do you regret missing your chance to go to the moon in the old days?
We are the first step to return to those glorious old days.We are here to take the first step for Bsc to return to its old glory days.

Güneş Sistemi
Güneş Sistemi

Get ready for the next generation bsc fomo.

BSC FOMO IS BACK   is a self-sustaining token which ensure the longevity of the project. How will it be? 

We believe crypto should be more than hype and emotion - it should be more like a business.

A place where individuals, such as yourself, can have an opportunity to become a part of something more. Our vision is to bring real world business revenue back into the project through profit buybacks and burns. This in turn, increases the value of your position organically from its own ecosystem.

NFT Marketplace will be available at launch and will be the core of BSC FOMO IS BACK , and will support the core utility as every nft sold  will be used for buyback to $BFBACK token.


Earn return on investment by depositing and staking $BFBACK

NFT Marketplace

NFTs market with exclusive NFT Collections will be released where users are allowed to create and buy / auction their own NFTs.


Our Anti-Whale Mechanism is a series of policies that prevents holders from purchasing large amounts of tokens at low prices during our launch phase

Lowest  exchange fee

%3 Buyback/Marketing

%2 Liquidity

Ay Aşamaları


 " 0 " BUY TAX -- " 5" SELL TAX 

  • Pre Sale– 54%

  • Liquidity – 31%

  • Staking – 10%

  • Airdrop  - 2%

  • Marketing – 2%

  • Team – 1%

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​Now that we have introduced the concept and team behind BSC FOMO IS BACK , let's talk timelines! BSC FOMO IS BACK's token and platform will be launched over six phases, with one phase being completed each Fiscal Quarter. 

Güneş Sistemi

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